Laptop: No Video Display (Reflow)

Laptop: No Video Display (Reflow)
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Laptop No Video/Display Repair Service (REFLOW) for £40 (excluding return delivery)


Has your Laptop video display stopped working? Do you get no video even using the VGA connection to an external monitor?

It could be either your screen OR the on-board video chipset, we can fix this for you in around 2-4 working days.

Most repairs of this type will be around this price range, but if it is going to be more than this we will email you first (i.e Screen damaged or faulty).

What Causes No Video/Display

EU reglations changed due to recycling issues "The posiblity of getting lead poisoning" and a couple of years ago there were some major headlines in the news regarding products coming from China containing LEAD. 

Every manufacturer Sony, HP, Toshiba, etc have to use Unleaded solder during the manufacturing of their Laptops to stay compliant.

This was considered a more reliable solution for the electronics industry as unleaded solder has a higher melting point than Leaded Solder.

But this over time, Causes the Unleaded solder to crack, when this happens there is little or no contact between the mainboard and BGA solder balls Hence RROD (Red Ring Of Death).


All Laptops (since 2005) have been made with the “lead-free” solder

which we now know has a short lifespan and is not reliable like the lead solder!


The solution

We preheat the main board and reflow the Graphics processor.

We use the latest Achi SC IR Pro Computer Controlled Dark Infrared BGA reflow station to carry out this process.




Fast Turnaround (1 to 2 days)
No fix no fee (apart from return delivery costs)

** Please note if your Laptop has previously had a repair attempted (Not by Me) and we cannot get your console working, you will be charged £10 **
3 Month Warranty with this repair.


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