Nintendo Wii Dash Upgrade

Nintendo Wii Dash Upgrade
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Softmod any Wii (Version 1.0 - 4.3)

What does softmodding a wii do?
Well the answer to that question is can play backups of your original games so you dont scratch your expensive original. 

You can play N64, SNES and SEGA console games on your wii! With the appropriate emulators...and you can use homebrew applications (There are loads of them  Then you can also unlock the hidden DVD movie player, if you have a version older than 2010, or if its newer, then you can unlock the USB movie player!


This softmod/hack works for any wii! Old Wii's, New Wii's, VIrgin Wii's, Korean Wii's, Japanese WIi's, Softmodded Wii's, Hardmodded Wii's etc...


If you are concerned about having your Wii Console opened to have a mod chip fitted, then this is the option for you. All versions of Wii Firmware can be modified (even V4.3!!!)


The new Black Wii's and Wii's with a serial number around LEH278xxxxxxxxx have a new DVD drive installed which will not read standard blank DVD disks, to read normal blank disks a drive swap is required. Normally customers use the external hard disk feature of the softmod if this is the case.


This modification gives you

Region Free game play, Region Free Channels, Brick Protection - allows you to recover from a semi bricked Wii, No Need to patch, just burn your ISO and play


This will also give you three extra channels USB Loader Channel, Home Brew Channel & NEOGAMMA Channel


The Homebrew Channel allows you to run Homebrew applications and games

The USB Loader Channel allows you to back up your original disc to external hard drive or memory card. You dont need the disc in the wii any more to play..

The NEOGAMMA Channel allows you to play your back up discs or original games without the need of a mod chip.


To use the USB Loader channel, you will need to download the files HERE, unzip them to your SD Card and insert the card into the front of your Wii.

All we need is your console (without any leads or controllers, etc), we have all the perepherals needed.

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