Playstation 3

Playstation 3

We repair ALL Sony Playstation 3 products including: 20gb, 40gb, 60gb, 80gb Fat model and the newer slim models etc. Our specialist team can repair any PS3 fault, We also give you the same warranty as Sony (3 months) On all Bluray repairs.

We can repair

  • No Power
  • YLOD
  • No Display
  • Discs Not Reading
  • Discs Jammed Or Mechanism Fault
  • Pads Not Syncing
  • Water Damaged consoles (We will have to investigate damage, However Water Damage is mostly unfixable)

If you have a problem that isn't listed, then please contact us with details of the problem.

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Playstation 3 - BluRay Laser Replacement
1. Problems loading games 2. Not recognising games when inserted into the Blu Ray Drive 3..
Based on 4 reviews.
Playstation 3 - Drive not accepting discs (Jamming)
Does your Playstation 3 not accept discs Or has a disc got jammed?   With this repai..
Playstation 3 - BluRay Drive Repair (Foreign Objects In Drive)
This service is for the removal of foreign objects and repair of your Playstation 3 Bluray drive...
Playstation 3 - Reflow Service (YLOD)
PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service (REFLOW)   You have just turned on your PS3 a..
Based on 2 reviews.
Playstation 3 - Reflow Service & Fan Modification (YLOD)
PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service (REFLOW) & Fan Modification.   You have j..
Based on 1 reviews.
Playstation 3 - Reball Service (YLOD)
We can offer you a complete Playstation 3 reball service for £70 (excluding return delivery) ..
Playstation 3 - Internal Fan Speed Increase
The YLOD symptom is caused due to the console overheating, we can upgrade the consoles Internal P..
Playstation 3 - Power Faults
1. Do you have no power LED on the front of your Playstation 3 console when switched on 2. D..
Playstation 3 - Hard Disk Error
Does your TV screen display "Cannot Start. The correct Harddisk was not found." , Or your stuck a..
Playstation 3 - HDMI Replacement
1. Pins damaged in your HDMI port 2. No signal display on screen on HDMI even with another ca..
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