Playstation Consoles

Playstation Consoles

We repair ALL Sony Playstation products including: Fat and Slim models of PS3 and the newer PS4 consoles etc. Our specialist team can repair any fault, We also give you the same warranty as Sony (3 months) On all laser repairs.

We can repair

  • No Power
  • YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death PS3) / BLOD (Blue Light Of Death PS4)
  • Reflow / Reballing
  • No Display
  • Discs Not Reading
  • Discs Jammed Or Mechanism Fault
  • Pads Not Syncing
  • Water Damaged consoles (We will have to investigate damage, However Water Damage is mostly unfixable)

If you have a problem that isn't listed, then please contact us with details of the problem.

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