Terms & Conditions

1) Upon sending your items you are agreeing to pay the basic cost for the repair PLUS the required parts, plus postage and packing (If chosen) along with any other costs incurred by Tecwizard.co.uk.

Regarding your games console. For PS3 and 360 repairs in the event the console has been previously repaired by someone other than Tecwizard and is beyond economical repair you agree to pay the inspection fee of £10 plus postage and packing.

2) Insurance for items is at the customers discretion, if they wish to increase the value of insurance they need to contact Tecwizard.co.uk before items are shipped for return.

3) Items which are lost or damaged in the post are not the responsibility of Tecwizard.co.uk. and whilst we will assist in every way possible, this responsibility remains with our designated courier company.

4) If it is expected that additional parts are required in addition to those quoted, you will be contacted with an estimate. If you do not wish to proceed at this point you have the right to cancel the repair work. In this case you will only be charged the inspection fee of £20 (Laptop, PS3 and 360 only) plus the cost of postage and packing along with any other costs incurred by Tecwizard.co.uk. All cancellation requests must be made before repair work is commenced.

5) Until payment is received in full, Tecwizard.co.uk. reserves the right to withhold your console. If after 60 days of repairing your console payment has still not been received, Tecwizard.co.uk. are authorised to sell the console (or do with it as they see fit) in order to redeem losses.

6) Consoles are covered by a 60 warranty providing the security sticker has not been removed or damaged. Reballs are covered for 6 month warranty. Tampered stickers will void all warranty and repeat repairs will be charged at the standard fee.

7) Warranty applies to previously repaired fault only; Tecwizard.co.uk. do not take responsibility for unrelated faults on the same console.

8) If a repeat fault is found whilst still under warranty, the console will be repaired free of charge. Tecwizard.co.uk. reserve the right to charge postage and packing on consoles repaired under warranty. Note warranties are non transferable.

9) Please be aware that during the course of repair it is possible that the symptoms may worsen whilst investigating the fault. Tecwizard.co.uk. do not take responsibility for additional faults which occur during investigation.

10) During the course of repair it may be necessary to clear data stored in your console's memory. Please ensure data is backed up prior to sending your console in to us as we cannot guarantee data will be retained.

11) If you do not wish to be contacted about promotions or marketing which Tecwizard.co.uk. thinks may be of interest to you, please make us aware of this.

12) The average amount of time taken to repair is 3-5 days however please note this is only an estimate. This time is not guaranteed, and is dependant on the availability of parts, and or current workload.

13) In some instances repairing your console means your serial number will be changed. In these circumstances a copy of your old and new serial number will be retained.

14) For purposes of delivering the console to you, we are required to pass on your email address and telephone number to the courier company.

15) All terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

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